At Pickles Home Exteriors we believe that windows not only make your house look great, but can also make your home more energy efficient. Your windows should match your home’s look and operate to fit your lifestyle. That is why we take extra care when finding the right windows for your home.


We Offer Premium Products That Use The Best Materials

With our trusted brand’s we can find you the style that works best for your home. Whether you are looking for a thin profile with that classic wood grain look or that modern vinyl look, we got you covered. With our wood window line, we ensure that they are all built with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative in mind to help protect our environment and also bring you a high quality wood that is resistant to weather. Our Vinyl windows are some of the strongest on the market, ensuring you that your windows will properly keep the elements out of your home. No matter what style you want, our Pickles Team can help you find the perfect solutions to meet your home’s needs.

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Our Modern Selection

Check out our selection of window styles and find the ones that best fit your home renovation.

Awing Window


Awning windows allow for great natural light to fill your room while having the option to open it outward. The awning style allows for great protection from the rain or wind and allows you to fill a room with fresh air during those light rainfalls. They are easy to open and close with a simple hand crank and are locked in place once closed. Awnings are most common in Kitchens and Bathrooms but can be made to fit any room. Contact a Pickles expert today and find out more about our Awning windows.

Bays and Bows

Bay and Bow windows allow you to bring natural light into a room while also bringing an aesthetic appeal to the outside and inside of your home. Bays and bows offer multiple design options to fit your homes style. They also provide a great ledge for plant, pets or even a reading nook. Ask our Pickles expert about our bays and bows.

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Casement windows are the most practical window style when wanting to increase airflow within your home. Casements are hinged on the sides and open outwardly using the hand crank. They offer one of the best options for energy efficiency as the sash of casements creates a strong seal when closed. Get in touch to find the perfect casement windows for your home project.


Sliders allow for the Sash of the window to slide back and forth with ease, ensuring proper ventilation. The tilt slider main advantage is how easy they are to clean. The sashes can swing open allowing access to the outer surface from the inside. Siders come in single, double or triple slides so you can find the perfect slider for your home. Contact a Pickles expert today to get started.

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Pickles Home Exteriors
Hung Windows
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Single and Double Hung

Single and Double hung windows are a classic window style that allows a moveable sash and a fixed one or both movable. The hung sashes slide vertically to allow ventilation and proper airflow to the home. Similar to sliders hung windows are easy to maintain and can be cleaned on both sides of the window from the inside of your home. Contact our team to find the perfect single or double hung window for your home project.


Fixed windows are great for large panes of glass as they are not designed to be opened. They are best for flooding a living or family room with natural light and creating a point of interest in your home. Fixed windows can come in many different shapes to create an aesthetically appealing design. They also offer many different styles of grid and grilles to customize your windows curb appeal. Our Pickles team members can help you design the perfect fixed windows to fit your home’s style.

Pickles Home Exteriors
Pickles Home Exteriors
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Looking for an emergency escape window for your basement rental property? At Pickles Home Exteriors we can find you the perfect egress window that fits your cities safety codes for your basement renovations. Contact a Pickles expert and we will help you find the perfect egress window.

Pickles Quality Approved Brands

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Sierra Pacific
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Custom options

Make Your Windows Your Own

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Window Glass

We offer many different types of glass for your window. Pick between triple or double pane glass and add a variety of different glazes to help improve the transfer of UV rays or increase privacy in your home.

Window Hardware

Getting the right hardware can be complicated, but our Pickles experts can help you find the perfect hardware to allow you to operate your windows with ease.

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Window Hardware
Interior Trim

Casing & Cladding

Choose from a wide selection of casings and trim to match your room’s interior. For the exterior, pick an aluminum cladding to accent or match your windows.

Colour & Stains

We offer a wide variety of colours and Stains. Our Pickles experts can help you find the right tone to match your home.

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Colour Swatches
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LOVE MY WINDOWS! Pickles Home Exteriors certainly made ordering windows stress free and simple. They are extremely customer focused, providing me with different options to choose from while answering ALL questions or concerns that I had.

Amanda Shinniman
Pickles Home Exteriors

We did our front bow window last month and the price was great compared to the other guys around town. Installers showed up when they said they would and were great guys. Very polite and professional. But most importantly, the product is great quality and the install and all the finishes were done just as I would do them myself. Don’t hesitate to use these guys. I’ll be using them again in the future.

John Heaton
Pickles Home Exteriors
For more info about the Government of Canada Energy Saving Programs, click here!

Energy Efficient Certification

The Energy Star® Federal program determines what products meet the country’s energy efficiency standards. The corresponding products are marked with the Energy Star labels. Energy Star approved products do a better job at resisting the external environment than other products. These products do a better job of minimizing the transfer of temperatures through your home. Pickles Home Exterior is a registered Energy Star company so get in touch with us to find out more about how our products can help you save money and keep your home warmer in the winter and colder in the Summer.