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Warranty Policy

At Pickles Home Exteriors we pride ourselves on using proper installation techniques and taking great care of our products. This installation warranty covers the installation of all products sold and installed by Pickles Home Exteriors as well as any subcontractors employed by Pickles Home Exteriors. Product defects are covered under the applicable product manufacturer’s warranty. Pickles Home Exteriors guarantees that all installation work performed will be free of installation defects for a period of fifteen years from the date of substantial completion of the original installation. An installation defect is an error that significantly impairs the proper operation of said product. Once the customer has alerted Pickles Home Exteriors of such a defect, as long as it is within the warranted period, Pickles Home Exteriors will carry out the necessary work to repair
the installation defect at no charge to the customer.

Transferable Warranty
This warranty and service agreement is automatically transferred to any subsequent owner of the home on which the product was installed. All subsequent owners are subject to all conditions and limitations of this warranty to the same extent and the same manner as the original buyer.

Limitation of Liability
This warranty and service agreement sets forth the maximum liability for the installation and service work. In no event shall Pickles Home Exteriors be liable for any damages resulting from the installation, service, or use of any products from Pickles Home Exteriors. In no event shall the liability of Pickles Home Exteriors exceed the price paid for the product and installation. Pickles Home Exteriors is not responsible for any loss or damage due to or make no warranty or service commitment as
? Installations or service that has not been paid for in full.
? Installations, repairs or modifications performed by anyone other than Pickles Home Exteriors (or subcontractor approved by Pickles Home Exteriors).
? Installation or product failure, or loss due to: 1) Structural settlement or movement, vibration, excessive localized heat, high in-home humidity (condensation, frost and mold), high moisture environments such as indoor pools or hot tubs or latent defects in home. 2) Water leakage not caused by installation performed by Pickles Home Exteriors. 3) Extreme Weather (High Winds, Heavy Rainfall, etc.). 4) Accident (including glass
breakage), misuse, abuse, alterations, or improper handling, operation or cleaning. 5) Failure to utilize proper maintenance or finishing practices. 6) Normal wear and tear. 7) Insects, pets or other animals.

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