Getting the right sealant for your job can set your project apart from the rest. Whether it is about matching the right colour, getting a sealing that wont crack and peal over time or having a spray foam to properly insulate your home, we at Pickles Home Exterior offer top of the line sealants for whatever your project may be.

Sealant Products

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Properly seal gaps between windows, doors and siding with a high quality caulking that is resistant to cracking and hardening over time. We also can match the perfect colour to fit your project.


High quality foam used to insulate the perimeters of doors, windows and curtain walls or any other gaps. Properly insulate voids between walls and framing where installation is delicate or precise. Cold temperature foam also available.

Pickles Quality Approved Brands

Pickles Home Exteriors

I used Pickles a few years ago to replace a garage door and clad the trim with aluminum. I have since moved out of town and wish I could use them again. They truly do it right with competitive pricing and GREAT customer service.

Matthew Herrmann
Pickles Home Exteriors

Ordered a new sliding patio door and had a fantastic experience from start to finish. The office staff kept us up to date on shipping timelines from their suppliers and when the two gentlemen came to install it they were fast, courteous and professional. I highly recommend the Pickles team for any of the renovation services they provide.

Kristopher Snyder
For more info about the Government of Canada Energy Saving Programs, click here!

Energy Efficient Certification

The Energy Star® Federal program determines what products meet the countries energy efficiency standards. The corresponding products are marked with the Energy Star labels. Energy Star approved products do a better job at resisting the external environment than other products. These products do a better job of minimize the transfer of temperatures through your home. Pickles Home Exterior is a registered Energy Star company so get in touch with us to find out more about how our products can help you save money and keep your home warmer in the winter and colder in the Summer.