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When entertaining guests or just relaxing in your backyard, having a patio door that operates with ease, looks great and protects your home from the elements makes all the difference. Check out our selection of different style patio doors and find the one that fits your living style.


We Offer Premium Products That Use The Best Materials

With our wide selection of brands, finding the right patio door to fit your home is easy. Whether its vinyl, aluminum or aluminum clad wood, we’ve got you covered. Our wood patio doors are always made with sustainable forestry initiative in mind to help protect our environment and also bring you high quality wood that’s resistant to weather. Our vinyl selections are built to last and are some of the strongest on the market. The aluminum selection has the thinnest frames for the contemporary look. Ask a Pickles expert today to help you find the right patio for your living space.

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Find the perfect patio door for your home


Sliders offer a seamless transition from your home to your backyard living space. They don’t require space inside or outside your home like a swinging door would. They are the most common style of patio door that you will find in a home and typically made to match the window style, but can vary if looking for a distinct look.


Bi-folds are great when wanting to greatly open up your home to the outdoors. Stackable panels that fold up like an accordion allow you to have more walkthrough space and offer a grander view of the outdoors.

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Bi-fold patio door
Lift and Slide
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Lift & Slide

Lift and slide patio doors are great when you want to cover a larger area with your patio door. With lift and slide the panels are raised off the track and roll to the desired location and then are set back down to lock them. This makes moving larger panels around easy and seamless.

Multi Slide

Multi slide patio doors are a unique way to create an appealing transition from your home to the outdoors. They normally consist of three or more panels that stack against each other or hide away within a wall pocket. They offer a grand view and create large openings to expand your living spaces outdoors.

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Multi Point

Pickles Quality Approved Brands

Sierra Pacific
Sunview Patio Doors
5 Stars

We had a new patio door installed. Awesome workmanship. Very professional company. 5 stars!!

Rory Hastings
5 Stars

Outstanding customer service, prompt communication and expert installation. I had a number of windows replaced by Pickles in a smooth and timely fashion. The office staff was knowledgeable and installer had done a stellar job. Pickles Home Team was accommodating throughout the process and a real pleasure to deal with.

Max Han
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Energy Efficient Certification

The Energy Star® Federal program determines what products meet the country’s energy efficiency standards. The corresponding products are marked with the Energy Star labels. Energy Star approved products do a better job at resisting the external environment than other products. These products do a better job of minimizing the transfer of temperatures through your home. Pickles Home Exterior is a registered Energy Star company so get in touch with us to find out more about how our products can help you save money and keep your home warmer in the winter and colder in the Summer.