At Pickles Home Exteriors we offer 2 different window and door installation methods. Both will keep your house secure from the elements and ensure that your product is functioning properly.


In the Standard Installation we have your old windows or doors removed and disposed of. The opening is then cleaned and adjusted to fit the new products. The product is then set in place and shimmed to hold it in and also so there is a solid point to fasten the windows to the frame. We then foam the gaps to create a proper seal around the window and to help keep heat in your home. The gaps on the inside are then covered with a casing of your choice. On the outside your product is either sealed with caulking against your bricks or siding or it is cladded with aluminum to give it a distinct accented look and cover any gaps.


Our Premium installation is offered when doing new constructions. The windows and doors will be installed the same as the standard install with the only difference being that the products usually come with nailing fins to help secure the window or door to the wall from the outside. The nailing fin is then covered with flashing tape that helps create a better vapor seal around your window and allows water to run off and around your window keeping your home better sealed against the elements.

Pickles Home Exteriors


We are committed to bringing you a highly professional installation

Our installers are the best in the business. Their high attention to detail and years of experience is what sets them apart from the rest. Our installers make sure to take the time to install your windows, doors and siding products properly so that all functions well and looks great.

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